East Coast Tattoo Fun!

By: Sarah Nelson On: 9:41 PM
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  • So I re-visited D.C. and Baltimore and got to hang out with some awesome friends and colleagues and got to do some really fun tattoos. Here's a photo dump of the pieces. Much thanks to all of you who let me tattoo you, and to Low Tide Tattoos and British Ink for having me. Until next time!

    May the force be with you!

    By: Sarah Nelson On: 9:35 PM
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  • A couple of Star Wars tattoos I got to do recently.

    Who let the dog's out?

    By: Sarah Nelson On: 12:47 PM
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  • So, last night I went dogging.
    Ok, so I didn't actually GO dogging, but ended up in Scratchwood Park, off the A41, not far from my house in London.
    Let me make you aware, this is not a normal evening activity for me. It came about after a night out with friends, dogging came into conversation. We talked about it and decided to go check out what dogging is all about.

    Some of you may be thinking, what is dogging?

    Well, Dogging is a predominantly British activity that involves outdoor exhibitionism in car-parks, wooded areas and places as such. The term "dogging" originated in the early Seventies to describe men who spied on couples having sex outdoors. These men would 'dog' the couples' every move in an effort to watch them. When the swinging scene discovered that open-air sex has its own special thrill they began meeting in car-parks, and the doggers had a new found fun activity. The doggers soon realised that these couples were actively encouraging them to watch, even performing for them, and sometimes allowing them to join in.

    So, five of us piled into my friends car and off we went. I was sat in the front of the car, and as we drove in, I felt a sense of sickness. Mainly because as we drove down the gritted road, we saw men sat in their cars waiting to be "flashed." Being flashed is when someone flashes their car lights to let the "dogs" know that they are about to embark in some sexual activities. The "dogs" will then stand by the car and watch. We saw some men standing outside their cars, looking into other cars to see if any action was happening. Everytime someone walked past our car, I was telling everybody to be quiet as I was actually scared one of these men would be some sort of lunatic of rapist and pull me from the car, hense asking the driver every ten minutes if the doors were locked!

    After abour twenty minutes, we decided to leave. I was glad to get out of there and open a window! (I had the car window shut the whole time we were there as I was scared an old man would come and spunk on my face or something!)
    I was intriegued to know more about dogging and after some research, I found out
    that there are forums for doggers! One website offers you a list of the best "dogging" places to go near to where you live. The one we went to, Scratchwood, was on the list as one of the best ones "with a lot of action" happening there. This was by far the case last night!

    So, in conclusion and in my opinion, I can say I find the whole "dogging" thing weird and creepy. Do you really want to have sex in your car in a forest with an old man watching you and wanking off to your pleasurable moment? If people get off by things like this, then that is their choice, but to me, I think these men are perverts and are better off investing their money in a blow up doll than petrol to dogging areas!

    I would love to know what people think about the whole "dogging" world, or if you yourself have been dogging or been a "dog." Please comment below or alternitavely, you can email me at blogdoll21@gmail.com..

    Lotsa love..

    Little Miss V..x

    It's a date!

    By: Sarah Nelson On: 4:47 AM
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  • Hey dolls,

    So, I have had quite a few people ask me what kind of things you should or should not do/say when on a date!
    This blog is mainly pointed towards the girls but there are some tips in here that guys will also find useful.

    So, here are things I believe in..

    DO NOT...

    1. Bring baggage to the date

    By baggage I am talking about insecurities and the dramas of your life. No guy wants to hear about all the things that have happened to you, or the last relationship you were in. Guys HATE hearing about your ex. Even if you tell them how bad your ex treated you thinking you are hinting so they will do better..they WON'T.. He is out on a date with you because he likes you, so please don't turn off his attraction signals by revealing your insecurities for the world to see.

    2. Talk too much

    It is always drummed into a mans mind that being a good listener will get them in the good books of most women, and for a lot of men, this means they will sit back and let you talk relentlessly without stepping in, purely because it seems like the thing to do. The truth is that the guy wants to talk about himself as much as you do, so ask him thought provoking questions about him and his goals and let him talk.

    3. Show signs that you are not relaxed

    A guy who is on a date with you wants the real you, not a nervous you that conceals all of your best features. Something to remember when dating men is not to let other singles make you nervous before the date! We have the best times when we relax and enjoy ourselves with people. Don’t over analyse every little detail of the date, and just allow things to unfold naturally. Relaxed, confident women are more attractive in men's minds, because they are in control of themselves.

    4. Spend too long on the date

    The date should be short and fun. This keeps it fresh and spontaneous in the early stages, without draining every last bit of life out of the time you have together. Save some for the next date! Leave him wanting more, that's the key!

    5. Drink too much

    We all know, that nerves hit before a date. When the waiter comes to your table to ask what drink you would like, usually women will ask for a glass of wine. That is because we know with a bit of vino down us, we warm up and become more lively. Keep it to a two-drink max though. If the date’s so bad you need to drown your sorrows, say goodnight and hop a cab to meet your friends at another bar.


    1. Put your phone on vibrate/silent

    Refrain from even putting your phone on the dinner table. When you go out with your friends, it is natural to put your phone in front of you on the dinner table or next to you at the bar, but on a date, keep it hidden. Stop the urge to text or 'bbm' for a few hours. If you need to consult your phone for any reason, wait until your date steps out of site and put it away once they return.

    2. Do prepare yourself for the date

    By this, I mean pamper yourself. Especially if it is a first date, you want to look your best. A bit hairy? Have a wax. A bit pale? Have a spray tan. Dirty nails? Have a manicure. These are all basic things we should be doing naturally anyway. Do whatever it is you need to feel better about yourself and give yourself that confident boost. Want to feel sexy? Go any buy some nice lingerie, even if you do not want your date to see it that night, you will feel sexier.

    3. Be yourself

    There is nothing more sexy than being yourself. If you are a loud, outgoing person, do not try and act shy and innocent as you are worried how you will come accross. If you are shy and sweet, do not try and act like a slut to think the guy will like you. Be yourself. If the date does not like you at the end of the night, he was not worth it anyway and there will be more!

    4. Have fun

    To be honest, when you think about it, you are only hanging out with some one for a few hours. You are not sitting your GCSE's or having a wax. You are just going to have a nice evening with a date. Let your hair down and lighten up, what is the worst that could happen?

    Hope this helps dolls..

    Lotsa Love,

    Little Miss V..x

    He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not..

    By: Sarah Nelson On: 12:18 PM
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  • Hello Dolls,

    I have a friend who has been "seeing" a guy for about six months.. (mainly just sleeping together.) He then decided he wanted to be with her but she wanted things chilled and to stay the way they were. They get on great and their chemistry is electric and she did not want that to change. He was very persistant to make her his girlfriend and after quite a while, she gave in.
    Now that she gave in he has been CRAP! So, where as before, he was the one calling, texting, wanting to take her out, he now has her and does none of that... It is as if the tables have completely turned!

    WHAT?!!?!?!?!? How does a mans mind work? What makes him think "well now i have her, screw it!"
    Now, I understand guys love a challenge. They love having something to work for and we play them off as much as we can but as women, we can't help it, we give in. Now as soon as we give in, why is it they go off of us?
    Do they feel that now they have won they should move on? Do they think they have the trophy, it only needs a polish every so often? Or now that you are an "item" the sex may not be as good or we may be more needy? It just doesn't make sense.
    So this friend of mine is really confused as the ball was completely in her court and now she doesn't know where she stands.

    I know if I was in this situation, I think I would have to try and be the stronger one. If thats how he wants to play, fine, let him. The ball was originally in my court and thats how it'll end as well. He can act like he's not interested, but lets be honest, he is a guy and he will come running back. I think I would say to myself "Whatever, he is being childish, im over it!" And then move on. I'd get my girls together, dress up and look sexy as hell and go out on a mad night and make sure he knows about it! If he knows im out having fun and not crying over him, surely that will annoy him? He is a guy, he is trying to prove something. Well, its not happening dude.
    So, to my friend, go out! Have fun! Make sure he knows you are out having fun. He will get so frustrated and come running back apologising and wanting you back and once again, the ball will be in your court! Oh, and when he does come running back.. tell him your done and not interested!
    Hope that helps.

    If you want to contact me you can..
    Email: Blogdoll21@gmail.com
    FB: Little Miss V
    Twitter: @LittleMissVak

    Lotsa Love..

    Little Miss V..x

    Busy, Busy, Busy

    By: Sarah Nelson On: 5:12 PM
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  • AnnaSophia Robb – Bikini Candids in Hawaii

    By: Sarah Nelson On: 8:56 PM
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  • http://images.hotcelebshome.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/AnnaSophia-Robb1.jpg

    Candice Swanepoel – Victoria’s Secret Lingerie Photoshoot

    By: Sarah Nelson On: 8:52 PM
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  • http://images.hotcelebshome.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/Candice-Swanepoel-22.jpg

    Kiss me, beneath the milky twilight...

    By: Sarah Nelson On: 2:42 PM
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  • Hi dolls,

    So, Cher once said "It's in his kiss" and you know what, I completely agree. "How can I tell if he loves me so?" Well, if his kiss oozes with lust and passion, then you know he likes you. Lady Antebellum said "Just a kiss on your lips in the moonlight,Just a touch of the fire burning so bright, And I don't want to mess this thing up..No, I don't want to push too far.Just a shot in the dark that you just might be the one I've been waiting for my whole life so baby, I'm alright with just a kiss goodnight." Sixpence none the richer wanted a kiss beneath the milky twilight where the silver moon was sparkling.

    Your probably thinking I'm talking gibberish but think back to a time someone kissed you like they really meant it, like there was no one else in the room, on this planet even and you were just intwined in the most perfect lip lock.

    To me a kiss is not just a kiss. I can spend hours kissing and cuddling a guy and not need any more sexual interaction because those kinds of kisses are so special and make you feel so in love. Even Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman said she would do everything and anything to Richard Gere, yet she would not kiss him. Why? Because you can only give a real kiss when you really like some one.

    Now days, girls and guys go out to clubs and bars, get drunk and kiss who ever they see. Yes, it is fun and the next morning whilst attempting to cure a hangover, you remember that meaningless kiss or your friends remind you and say "I cannot believe you kissed that guy last night!" It happens to the best of us and you move on because it was meaningless and half the time, you won't see that person again, or even remember their name.

    I am so into things old fashioned. I remember how my grandma used to tell me how men would "court" her. Back then, men were GENTLEMEN. You would meet at the local club, disco or bowling alley, they would ring the front door bell, come in to meet your parents and be so polite, they would take you out but have you home at an honest hour, write you a letter or throw a stone at your window to get your attention one night. I WANT THIS!
    Why did things change so dramatically? Now days it is completely different. A guy will add you on Facebook and stalk your pictures before anything moves anywhere, say he has seen you out (when a lot of the time he probably has not), you will drive to your own date instead of him picking you up due to slight embarrasment, will take you to a boring restaurant or cinema, try get you back to his place and if not, before you both get into your own cars, there will probably be that end of date awkward snog. SNOG. Who wants a snog?! A snog is not a kiss. And this is what I mean.

    I don't want that awkward snog at the end of the night. I want the kiss that will make my heart melt. I want the kiss that will make my stomach turn inside out with butterflies. I want the kiss that will make me go weak at my knees. I want the kiss that will make my leg pop back behind me. I want an upside down kiss like in Spiderman! I want it all!

    To be honest, I cannot wait until the day I find the man who's kiss will do all of that to me. Everytime he kisses me, I want it to be like the first and last time we kiss with the most amount of passion you could ever desire.

    Ahhhh, how I can only dream!

    I hope you enjoyed this blog guys and dolls.

    Dont forget, you can keep in touch with me via twitter @LittleMissVak, my facebook page " Little Miss V " or email - blogdoll21@gmail.com

    Lotsa Love..

    Little Miss V..xx


    By: Sarah Nelson On: 11:46 PM
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  • TAM Interview

    By: Sarah Nelson On: 12:05 PM
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  • Had the pleasure to be part of this great magazine.
    In my opinion, the only mag worth reading, for a preview on my interview
    please go to:

    Lovely Lips

    By: Sarah Nelson On: 9:47 AM
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  • Lovely Lips

    Mega Bodybuilder

    By: Sarah Nelson On: 9:45 AM
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  • FunBath-Cute and sweet pics of the day

    By: Sarah Nelson On: 9:44 AM
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  • Ritemail Picdump, 34 more images after the break...