32 High Quality Desktop Wallpapers #2

By: Sarah Nelson On: 11:44 AM
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  • Chat Up Lines!

    By: Sarah Nelson On: 9:29 AM
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  • A friend of mine was just messaging me about a footballer she met on Tuesday night at a fashion week after party and the lines he used on her. He walked across the club to her and said.. "Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?" She looked at him, laughed and replied, "No, but it might hurt when I kick your balls!"

    I am in stiches! He is a known footballer, earns more money a week than most of us do in a year (or two), can get any slore he wants for a quick romp, yet he is still using chat up lines! Quality.

    So here I am thinking about the kind of chat up lines I have heard in the past. You know, when you are at a club/bar with your girls and a guy comes over and says, "Sorry I can't talk to you any more, the doctor told me I'm diabetic and I cant handle sweet things like you."
    Personally, to me, even if it was the sweetest comment ever, I think I would still laugh. Why do guys feel the need to use chat up lines? Why can't you just be yourself?

    If you want to talk to a girl in a club, go over to her and say "Hey, I noticed you and think you are really pretty and would like to get to know you." Simple. Honest. Truthful. No bullshit! That is what I would like. Unfortunately, the kind of chat up lines I get are, "If you were a burger you'd be McGorgeous." Or "I was just curious, Are you as good in bed as that guy says you are?" Delightful.

    So I have come up with some comebacks for the chat up lines that I have heard.. Ladies, if you get any of these, please use the comebacks and let me know what happens!

    Q. "Do you come here often?"
    A. Not any more

    Q. "Are you tired? Because you've been running through my mind all day."
    A. Im knackered, so you start doing the running and run along.

    Q. "What's your sign?"
    A. (Stick your middle finger up)

    Q. "Do you have a map? I just keep getting lost in those eyes."
    A. If my eyes are telling you to get lost, you should take the hint.

    Q. "I'd love to see how you look when I'm naked."
    A. Well, if your penis as is small as your hands and feet, you'll see the back of me walking out the door.

    I am giggling so much from writing these. Would love to see if any of the guys reading have any chat up lines and if yes what are they and have they worked? Girls, what is the funniest or cheesiest or worst chat up line you have ever heard?

    Please leave comments below or email me: blogdoll21@gmail.com or tweet me @LittleMissVak and please "like" my facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Little-Miss-V/251741761508428

    Little Miss V..xx

    Engineered To Destroy

    By: Sarah Nelson On: 6:55 PM
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  • By: Sarah Nelson On: 5:00 PM
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  • Sexting!

    By: Sarah Nelson On: 9:10 AM
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  • According to Wikipedia, “Sexting” is, “The Act of sending sexually explicit messages or photographs, primarily between mobile phones."

    A recent survey conducted revealed that 36% of women are sending or posting nude images of ourselves to guys. 72% send them to be 'fun or flirtatious', and 59% will send snaps as a sexy present for their boyfriend. For a lot of us, sexting can help keep the relationship going, especially when it is long distance and you aren’t able to see each other as often as you would like to.

    There is something strangely anonymous about the internet and even mobile phones, not when you are speaking, but when the communication takes place through a keyboard. It is very easy to type something reckless…crazy…risqué…yes you see the words, but most of us feel less of a commitment emotionally to the written word. Many men can write the words “I love you” in a valentine’s card or in a text message, but actually saying those three little words out loud, no chance!! In much the same way, writing down what you would like to do sexually is a lot easier than saying it. I mean, whilst in the bedroon, could you actually say out loud the things you told this partner you would do to them over instant chat?

    Now days, it seems to be all over the media where a celebs phone has been stolen and naked photos have been found. This happened to Rihanna, Vanessa Hudgens, Blake Lively, Amber Rose and that is just a few to name. Some would say it was a publicity stunt, some will say they had the pictures on their phones to send to partners. So how do we know this will not happen to us? How do you know, the person you are sending a picture of yourself in your bra and panties, is not going to show all of their friends?

    Personally, I see "sexting" as a harmelss bit of fun. Girls, if you want to message a guy naughty words and tell him all the things you want to do to him, DO IT! Boys, if you want to send a picture of your jolly rancher to a girl, DO IT! If you are going to say things, live up to it. No point being all mouth. (Well, depends where your mouth is going to be!)
    A piece of advice, do not go showing all of your friends, because it can easily slip out and thats when trouble starts. A friend of mine had pictures of this guys package on her phone. They then had a big fight and she threatened to get the picture printed and put up in shops in his local area. Could you image the horror? (I saw the picture and his whole piece was a horror in itself already) but walking past your local cafe and seeing that in the window!

    Keep sexting relevant and to the point.
    Keep it for youself! It is not meant for anyone elses eyes but yours!
    Have fun!
    Do not sext with someone you do not know and have met on the internet. They say they are a 28 year old man from Manchester, when really it is a 79 year old granddpa of 7 from Uzbekistan!
    Be safe!

    I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic.. Comment below or email me at blogdoll21@gmail.com or tweet me @LittleMissVak.
    Also, please "like" my facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Little-Miss-V/251741761508428

    Lotsa Love..

    Little Miss V..xx

    Butterfly tattoos for girls

    By: Sarah Nelson On: 5:19 AM
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  • Checkout Itattooz facebook page for more tattoos:http://www.facebook.com/ItattoozPage
    A large number of girls wanting to get a butterfly tattoo finally need to choose on size. This can be the most difficult decision when acquiring a butterfly tattoo design.

    Size can make all the difference. You can possibly have the best butterfly tattoo there is, but if it's not the proper size then it will look not as good as it should.

    Let us have a look at the big vs. small alternative you have with Butterfly tattoos:

    BIG BUTTERFLY TATTOO DESIGN. Honestly, a big butterfly might look fairly silly. Butterflies are frequently small, intricate, and pretty creatures and trying to blow them up into mega insects doesn't always show results. However, there are few designs available there that can work well blown up big and amazing, but typically you perhaps intend to lean on the side of smaller is better for this design.

    SMALL BUTTERFLY TATTOO DESIGN. There are few TINY butterfly tattoos out there that seem more like mosquito's than beautiful butterflies. Getting TOO SMALL is definitely not doing the butterfly justice. This is a great tattoo to have and you should take benefit of the attractive, colorful and complex quality this design owns. Going so small would not cut it.

    Preferring a "medium size" can be very imprecise because some peoples mediums are other peoples extra larges. And body size and tattoo position can distort what medium means from person to person.

    If you have been considering to have butterfly tattoos, you'll need to do some soul-searching. This is mainly because it is a eternal mark on your body that you have to be glad with. Therefore, here are few ideas of the well-known butterfly  tattoos to pick from. You would be happy to know, there are an indefinite quantity of them out there. And, if you're not satisfied with those, you can always design your own tattoo.

    As an example, Chinese butterfly tattoos have become very widespread over the past some years. This might have to concern with the beautiful sayings that the culture has, combined certain Hollywood stars who have them showed on their bodies.

    Together with those, the Celtic Butterfly tattoos
    are also a nice alternative. But you can also get from a combination of butterflies and angels, dragons, stars, crosses, flowers, zodiac signs, and truly anything else that comes to mind. Getting innovative with your own butterfly tattoo can be a lot of interesting, and can truly express a lot about you.

    As an example, one fighter gets a butterfly tattoo with fangs, made around his fist all the way up his forearm. While that might not be suitable for you, it speaks something about him. That's exactly the way you should be acquiring. A tattoo that is distinct and specific to your personality.

    For your choices, it is suggested that you do enough research. There are several resources that have lots of butterfly tattoos. One of the excellent places that you could consider ideas is online. The Internet has provided us with all  types of information and all sorts of shopping, related to this field.

    So, take benefit of the numerous Butterfly tattoos available online. You can even buy the butterfly tattoo design, print it, and take it down to the tattoo artist of your preference. Ensure that the artist is a professional one that comes greatly recommended.

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    Pomeranz promotes Dianetics at MIBF (Manila International Book Fair)

    By: Sarah Nelson On: 7:32 PM
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  • MANILA, Philippines - David Pomeranz returns to the Philippines for the 32nd Manila International Book Fair (MIBF), ongoing until Sept. 18 at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City.

    On Sept. 18 at 3 to 5 p.m., Pomeranz is set to perform his hits and promote L. Ron Hubbard’s Dianetics, the landmark work that launched the worldwide movement for The Church of Scientology, of which Pomeranz is a member.

    Pomeranz believes that the real barriers to a happy and valuable future are the upsets, failures, fears and mistakes of the past.

    “These things hang around us like ghosts spoiling every chance to create a new and better life.” he says. “I had my own personal fears and internal barriers that blocked my way and threatened to destroy my chances to achieve my goals.”

    Knowing and using Dianetics can help you break free of those barriers, Pomeranz notes, as Dianetics discusses the different dynamics or areas of life that are essential for real success.

    Dianetics enabled me to shake off the shadows of the past and see the life the way it really is. It gave me the power to deal with life in a positive and constructive way,” Pomeranz asserts. “I have a great career doing exactly what I want to do, a wonderful wife and family, and, I am proud to say, many friends that I’ve been able to help to lead happy and fulfilling lives.”

    Dianetics is published by Bridge Publications and will be available at the MIBF.

    A culture is only as great as its dreams, and its dreams are dreamed by artists. — Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard

    Presenting your feminine element with butterfly lower back tattoos

    By: Sarah Nelson On: 4:19 AM
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  • Tattoos Lower Back are becoming part of the  traditional culture. What was earlier associated with shaded character types and thugs have now become a well known art kind that can be found in a large segment of society, from well-knowns to young office workers in several urban places all over. Pop culture may possibly get a lot to do with the introduction of tattoo designs as an acceptable means of representation but tattoo impressions have proven that they have transcended the quality of being a trendy.

    What a number of people do not know is that tattoo designs have been in existence for 100s of years already in particular the tattoos lower back for women. Most historical civilizations have practiced it as a form of self-representation. It is also quite unacceptable that tattooing will go away completely anytime soon. Fact is, it is supposed to turn into even more well-known in time.

    One of the most well-known tattoo designs, in particular among women, is the butterfly lower back tattoo. There are numerous causes why these styles of tattoo designs are highly famous. One reason is because the butterfly in itself is a quite preferred representation. Being a creature, the butterfly symbolizes lots of significances the first and foremost of which is new birth or reinvention. It is one among the greatest signs to signify the emergence of a women and her alteration from being a small girl into a young lady. Like the caterpillar that comes from a cocoon a nice butterfly, a young girl also subject to a similar conversion when she becomes a woman. And having a butterfly lower back tattoo is one among the perfect ways to commemorate the life-transforming experience.

    Various people can possibly ask though why the butterfly tattoo designs are normally created as tattoos lower back. It is maybe due to the fact that the lower back is one of the highly sexual body part of a woman. It is one section of her body that she can safely showcase without exfoliating too much. A butterfly lower back tattoo could easily be observed if a woman is dressing in low-cut jeans
    and a mid-riff. Certainly, it gets seen when the a woman is putting on a bikini. A butterfly lower back tattoo in fact sums to the sexiness of a woman by drawing attention to one of the most alluring parts of her body which is the curve of her lower back.

    If you are seeking out a number of butterfly tattoos lower back then one of the best places to look for is the Internet. There are various websites on the Internet that provide hundreds of  downloadable and printable butterfly tattoos lower back that you could take to a tattoo artist. All you would require is connect one of these sides in order that you could have accessibility to their design gallery. Then you would require to prefer a tattoo design that is one-of-a-kind, has a importance and you also like. One of the nice things about online tattoo ink databases is that they offer many possibilities of top quality lower back tattoo designs.

    Tattoos lower back for women are feminine and they never steal a woman's femininity.


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    By: Sarah Nelson On: 9:01 PM
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  • Kirstie Alley Hits the Catwalk for Malaysian Designer Zang Toi

    By: Sarah Nelson On: 2:35 PM
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  • Sep 14 2011 12:00 PM ET
    Attendees at Zang Toi’s runway show at New York Fashion Week Tuesday were treated to a special treat: an appearance by Kirstie Alley. The actress took a turn on the catwalk at Lincoln Center, sporting an embellished blue coat dress and an exaggerated beehive hairdo.

    Tweeting Monday that she was “scared,” Alley jokingly asked fans and fashionistas to avoid eye contact during the show. “DONT make me laugh,” she wrote. “Gotta keep ‘model face’ … oh, who I am kidding??”

    And though she was worried about falling on her “well dressed ass,” Alley took to the runway effortlessly, and at the end of the day, was grateful for the experience.

    “Thank you all the REAL models for letting me share @ZANGTOI runway with you,” she Tweeted. “You all were sooo sweet and looked soooo gorgeous!!! I had the time of my life!!!!”

    Kate Hogan

    A culture is only as great as its dreams, and its dreams are dreamed by artists. — Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard
    By: Sarah Nelson On: 10:52 PM
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