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Michael Jackson autopsy results leaked?

By: Sarah Nelson On: 4:16 AM
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  • The Sun has claimed to have obtained the results of the initial autopsy on Michael Jackson�s body, which have the star in terrible shape, his stomach filled only with pills when he died.
    The claims haven�t been independently verified, but the newspaper reports that the star weighed just 112 pounds (he was 5'10?).
    Jackson�s hips, thighs and shoulders were riddled with needle wounds. There is unexplained bruising on Jackson�s knees and on the front of his shins and his body was covered by a plethora of surgery scars were thought to be the result of at least 13 plastic surgery operations.
    At the time of his death, he was bald and wore a wig. He had suffered several broken ribs, probably from the failed attempts to revive him. There were four �injection sites� near his heart, where rescue workers reportedly shot adrenaline into his heart to restart it.
    There is still, however, no official cause of death.

     Source: thesuperficial.com