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Beautiful Paintings around the Village

By: Sarah Nelson On: 10:49 PM
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  • Dancer


    Female Dancer




    Fishing Festival


    Water Color- Rajio


    At Work



    Bend down Boutique


    Beyond the Rhytemic Sound


    Break time


    Brides Maid




    Durbar Ragalia


    Fish Fencing


    Fisher Mask


    Fruit market- ketu lagos


    Fulani Maid


    Game of Two

    Hausa Craftsman


    Igno Drummers




    Labour Under the Sun


    Lagos Nawa


    Memories of the Virgin


    Naming Ceremony


    Not Laughing Matter




    Peace Makers- Durbar


    Ram Market


    Red Spirit- Flutists


    Royal Hair Dresser


    Salah Parade


    The Blacksmith


    The Royal Flutist


    The Work of Thy Hand


    Vegetable Market

    Without Silver Spoon

    Yam Market