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Sexiest Men Of 2011!

By: Sarah Nelson On: 1:37 PM
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  • Hey dolls,

    A friend of mine and I just spent about half an hour writing a list of our top men of all time.. So as this year is coming to an end, I am going to share my Top 50 Hottest men list with you!
    Now, this is my list so some of you may disagree, if so I would love you to share your list with me..

    Ok, here it goes..

    1) Channing Tatum
    2) Josh Duhamel
    3) Eric Dane
    4) Enrique Iglesias
    5) Dermot Mulroney
    6) Michael Buble
    7) Harry Styles
    8) Zac Efron
    9) Liam Hemsworth
    10) Tom Hardy
    11) Jamie Redknapp
    12) Josh Hartnett
    13) David Beckham
    14) Taylor Lautner
    15) Colin Farrell
    16) Mark Wright
    17) Russell Brand
    18) Ryan Gossling
    19) Ashton Kutcher
    20) Gerard Butler
    21) Jared Leto
    22) Chase Crawford
    23) Ed Westwick
    24) Bradley Cooper
    25) Kellan Lutz
    26) Gino Dcampo
    27) Hayden Christensen
    28) Milo Ventimiglia
    29) George Clooney
    30) Xavier Samuel
    31) Rick Malambri
    32) Jake Gyllenhall
    33) Robert Pattinson (i bet a lot of you are screaming cos you think he is amazing but lets be honest, he is not that hot. Only hot in twilight as a blood sucking vampire and I would let him suck me but way after half these people!!)
    34) Dougie Poynter
    35) Orlando Bloom
    36) Andrew Garfield
    37) Michael Cera
    38) Hugh Grant
    39) Peter Facinelli
    40) Brad Pitt
    41) Johnny Depp
    42) Matthew Mcconnaughey
    43) Paul Wesley
    44) Penn Badgley
    45) Justin Timberlake
    46) Matthew Morrison
    47) Gary Barlow
    48) Jeffrey Dean Morgan
    49) Sean William Scott
    50) Ryan Seacrest

    I couldn't do a list with adding my top 5 women I would turn lesbian for..

    1) Sofia Vergara
    2) Adriana Lima
    3) Mila Kunis
    4) Nicole Scherzinger
    5) Rihanna

    I hope you all liked the list.. Comment below your own list or if you agree with mine. You can also email the list to blogdoll21@gmail.com or tweet me @LittleMissVak or my fb page http://www.facebook.com/LMissV

    Thank you all so much for continuing throughout the year to read my blog. It means a lot to me that people actually read it and enjoy it..


    Little Miss V..xx