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Cheap Outdoor Wedding Decoration Ideas

By: Sarah Nelson On: 12:18 AM
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  • You have probably dreamed of an outdoor wedding since you were a child. Getting married while communing with nature seems to be a relatively great experience. In the past, an outdoor wedding usually refers to a garden wedding. Today an outdoor wedding could mean beach wedding; a mountain-top wedding, a backyard wedding, a park wedding, a zoo... the options are plenty.

    Outdoor wedding decoration largely depends on where the venue is. One good thing about an outdoor wedding is that you don't need to have separate decor for the wedding and reception venues. An outdoor wedding is more casual and guests have the tendency to be more spontaneous. You also save money as there is no need to pay for separate venues for the occasion.

    In order to facilitate your outdoor wedding decoration you need to see the venue a year in advance probably the same time as the intended wedding day. You can see for yourself the light, wind and general weather condition of the place so you can prepare for the right location of the wedding arch and altar. You can observe where to orient the guests' chairs so they won't have to sit facing the sun. You can also observe what time the sun sets if you are bent on a dusk wedding.
    If you are planning to have a garden wedding, you can save on decorations as the trees, plants and flowers in the garden are natural backdrop for the outdoor wedding decoration. However you can add to the glamour and magic of the occasion by hanging fairy lights on trees and arbors and gazebos. You can also bow tulle on the back of the seat. Choose a color that matches the wedding motif. Use an aisle runner for the bride to walk on. You may choose a more natural color such as sage to match the grass. Line the aisle with topiary or other flower arrangement to frame the aisle. You can also choose to line the aisle with votive candles in complementing colors.

    A wedding at the beach is fun. The bride and groom can wear their formal attire. The guests' attire will totally depend on the couple's wish. They could ask their guests to come in formal attire or in less formal attire. Whatever the dress code, guests are expected to comply.

    The best time for a beach wedding is at sunset. The couple could ask someone to build a bamboo arbor then cover it up with palm leaves and tropical flowers. Old fashioned lanterns and tiki torches can be used for lighting. If the reception will be held in a roofed area, filling every corner of space with plants such as birds of paradise and palms is an option. If the reception is at the beach, then centerpieces made of tropical flowers would be great. A medium-sized aquarium filled 1/4 of the way with colored sand and with water would look best if flower-shaped floating candles are added.

    Outdoor wedding decorations need to be simple and easy to remove just in case the weather fails to cooperate. You should also make sure that yot have an option in case it rains. Make sure you have an alternative arrangement in case of bad weather. You should look into tent rentals or moving to an inside space in the garden or beach facilities.

    If your wedding is set in the morning, make the necessary "niceties" such as table for hot coffee or cocoa for the arriving guests. If the wedding is at mid-morning, set a table for cold beverages for parched guests as they come. If the wedding is at late afternoon, cocktails and canapes will be just right to serve guests as they arrive for the ceremony.