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Shah Rukh Khan is reportedly in line to make a return to TV

By: Sarah Nelson On: 12:46 AM
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  • Bollywood favourite Shah Rukh Khan is reportedly in line to make a return to TV with a role as the host of a brand new gameshow.
    The actor is no stranger to the small screen having presented a handful of shows for the TV channel Star Plus Channel previously.

    The new action packed show, Wipeout, has proved very popular in both the US and the UK amongst other countries and it’s hoped the fast and furious gameshow will be equally successful in India.
    The programme follows a group of people in each episode as they battle it out on a giant assault course to finish in the fastest time. The competition also features a number of physical challenges where the contestants and pitted against each other. The winner receives a cash prize.Filming for the Indian version of Wipeout is due to take place in Argentina on the same assault course which is used every other country’s version of the reality show. The programme will be aired on NDTV Imagine, with Shah Rukh Khan tipped to present the new series.
    Shah Rukh Khan isn’t the only Bollywood star to have turned his hand to TV presenting in recent times as the film actress Priyanka Chopra took on presenting duties for Fear